Game Theory, the Greater Good and the Largest Loss

At the time, I thought the UK mobile phone spectrum auction was a wonderful piece of systems thinking. By designing the rules sensibly, the government raised over £20 billion from the mobile phone companies for what appeared at the time to be precious 3G bandwidth. Now, six years later, one view is that it was […]

Tockus leucomelas bites back

Normal service will be resumed later this week, but meanwhile here is a yellow beaked hornbill. Not quite systems thinking perhaps (although there is plenty about the game of managed ecology in general and game reserves in particular to keep us busy), but isn’t it pretty?

The Rain in London, Montreal, and quite possibly Johannesburg

My apologies for the lack of postings over the last little while: I have been in Montreal (from whence some comments shortly), and will soon be going to Jo’burg for another few days. It has rained more or less everywhere I’ve been so far recently, so you can probably count on some pictures of rain-soaked […]