A Modest Proposal

Let us survey the facts. The economy may be turning down, and interest rates are about to rise again. The pro independence Scottish Nationalist Party may well be about to win the elections. Labour needs a foreign policy success to take people’s minds off Iraq. The answer? Let the Scots have their independence. Then we […]

Cost benefit of non dom

There was a certain amount of fuss in the papers over the weekend over the non dom tax rules which allow rich individuals to spend a lot of time in London without being domiciled here for tax purposes and hence avoid paying a material fraction of their earnings in tax. Now whether you think this […]

More Olympic Fallout

You might have thought that Tessa Jowell has been gargling with Polonium given the severity of the fallout from the latest Olympic budget fiasco. As the Guardian put it, Arts leaders turn on Jowell over Olympics, Hytner and Co.’s point being that if you raid the Arts, Media and Sport budget for ten billion or […]

Did Gordon really screw up our pensions?

Given Gordon is soon (one hopes, anyway) to ascend to the throne, one cannot help think that the timing of the recent objections to his abolition of tax credits for pension funds is partly political. Still, it is worth examining whether the objectors have a point: is Gordon partially responsible for the pensions crisis? Clearly […]

The good and the bad

Several sensible people using an appropriate form of transport and one idiot who has got his just desserts shown here on a small country road in the Netherlands. Can you guess which is which dear reader?