What works replaced by what we believe December 28, 2007 at 8:46 am

The following quote comes from a post on the Guardian website:

What I find most striking about this, as about other items in this government’s moralistic agenda, is how opposing arguments simply are not heard. It isn’t just closed mindedness, the government and its supporters are in the grip of a kind of exclusivist belief system akin to a fundamentalist religion. Arguments based on individual choice, or the notion of adults making rational decisions, simply “do not compute”; they are here to protect us, like spoilt children, from the bad world out there, and they have our interests at heart, and if you don’t agree then clearly you favour exploitation and slavery and oppression.

The two things that strike me about this quote are firstly how accurate it is, and secondly how many things it might be referring to: Europe; Iraq; PFI; Pensions; Trident; Nuclear Power; 42 day detention; the DNA database; ID cards. Pretty much any part of politics that is in any way controversial in fact. Even if you agree with a particular policy, the monological belief system which nourished it is deeply troubling. No government which scorns alternative views and abuses legislative privilege with deeply partisan, ill-thought out and costly nonsense as Brown’s does deserves to survive, let alone win re-election.

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