The coming crisis in your Christmas reading December 10, 2009 at 6:22 am

Paul Kedrosky provides me with a good opportunity to do something my publisher has patently failed to do with any diligence – promote my book. He points out that:

There has been an explosion in books published about the ongoing financial crisis. From just two books published per month back in June of 2008 we have spiked all the way to 20 financial crisis books per month, even touching 26 books per month briefly.

But all of that is set to end. According to current publishing industry schedules, we will see a sharp increase in financial crisis books in December, but then declines through the first five months of 2010, taking as all the way down to only six books per month about the financial crisis. Six! Who can survive with only six?

And it gets worse. Unless something changes and a few more writers sign contracts … we could be under five financial crisis books a month by June of 2010. It is a horrifying thought.

So, ladies and gentlemen, hedge yourself. Buy a copy of mine: you can always read it backwards if you need something new. Meanwhile I shall contemplate rewriting it under the Macau constraint

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