Lady Spam May 2, 2011 at 3:19 pm

One of the most irritating forms of spam I get is web ‘publishers’ wanting to resyndicate the contents of Deus Ex. Typically the gig is that they make money from the advertising and their ‘contributors’ don’t get a cut. This, needless to say, is not my model. Deus Ex doesn’t carry advertising because advertising irritates me, and I don’t think you, dear reader, want to read it. Hence I use a Creative Commons license: this means that I have a decent shot at suing anyone who does resyndicate my stuff without permission.

Anyway, usually the bottom feeders usually go away if you ignore them, but I currently have one that is unusually persistent. I’m hoping that the wave of spam that will hit her once her email address is up for the bots to find will at least be partial recompense for the annoyance she is causing. The address is – please feel free to treat her, Nimble Publishing, and Forex Traders (with which she claims some association) with utter disdain. I know I do.

One Response to “Lady Spam”

  1. It’s pretty immature of you to classify and try to publicly ridicule someone you never bothered to talk to.