DSK May 15, 2011 at 6:02 pm

Now of course I am a cynical sort who is often wrong, but my first reaction on hearing the news about Dominique Strauss-Kahn was ‘why does the CIA want Sarkozy to win the next French presidential election?‘.

Update. Doug, in the comments, is probably right; it’s probably just that DSK is a sociopath. But it being Sunday night, I prefer the conspiracy theory explanation, namely that the CIA wanted to screw up the EU debt crisis talks.

Another update. It seems more likely that he is just a sociopath. Ah well, it was only a Sunday night conspiracy theory.

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  1. Possible… Though I wouldn’t discount the Occamian explanation too much. The ranks of very powerful politicians and business executives tend to be filled with sociopaths. It’s tough to rise so high without a lack of morality and willingness to step on those in the way of what you want.

    Frankly I’m surprised that cases like this tend to not happen more often. It’s pretty common that even petty middle managers abuse their position of power to sexually harass subordinates. I would guess that most times any public retribution is quietly hushed up. Especially with such a social disparity between attacher (the likely next president of France) and victim (a working class chambermaid from the Bronx).

    (On a positive note though, I never got a chance to thank you David for the kind words on the comment of mine you featured in a post a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad I was able to add something to such a thought-provoking and well written blog)

  2. You are welcome Doug. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for the very quality of those comments. I appreciate it.

  3. Let s look at the facts : the head of the IMF gets caught in an alleged rape tentative in a 3K USD/night hotel suite in central New York and leaves his mobile in the room to make sure everyone knows he was there?
    he now can afford a 1mio bail out (rejected) ?

    surely he could have paid several prostitutes for all his pleasures, all more charming than the 32y old something maid that appeared on tv , or even paid secret private services to clean the mess and avoid medias …

    this doesn t add up…

    i can only see 2 explanations :

    1- he was under the influence of illicit products or is mentally ill , thus avoid any rational explation

    2- DSK, as the French call him, has an history of high sexual drive/appetite. It could well be that , in his past, there are reminiscent stories , that could emerge at any time. Imagine now that he had been recently threatened to face revelations he really wants to avoid being made public, but that he also can not contain. time is of the essence with his french presidential bid.
    Armed with some strong connection, a set up a la “New York Hotel Room” can provide for time , media coverage and eventually get him out of this as a true hero. any such allegations in the near future (from another source) would then look ludicrous at the least. the price to pay for such a strategy : look a bit tired and out of the situation during a few days , and be in prison for 5 nights.

    why not ? i have heard weirdest conspiracy theories in my life…

  4. I agree with you on this, it is a CIA set up, but not to help Sarkozy. It is to stop lunatic communist sex beasts from spending anymore of US treasury money on any basket case socialist sheep shaggers.

    I reckon, Sarko has most to lose out of this, even if DSK is found guilty, the French public will think it a Sarko trap. The question is if not DSK or sarko in power, who else?