Answers, quotation round December 12, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Simon H did the best job on this round, but many other people did well too.

The answers are:

  1. The correct answer is the BCBS and IOSCO, as BCBS 226, Margin requirements for non-centrally-cleared derivatives, from which the quote comes is jointly authored by those two bodies (hence the SEC dissent so eloquently rendered in the text).
  2. The Liikanen report – and quite right too.
  3. Jamie Dimon, explaining to analysts why changes in JPMorgan’s VAR mean absolutely nothing to anyone not privy to the full details of JP’s (ever-updated) model.
  4. This foxed all of you, I think. It’s from the Trustees on the Liquidation of MF Global.
  5. Most of you got this lovely phrase, originally from MacKenzie and Spears’ LRB article, subsequently commented upon across the blogosphere.
  6. Euro area summit communique promising much, delivering little, as usual.
  7. This is Mark Carney, soon to be governor of the Bank of England. Interesting.
  8. No one got this: it was from Markus Ferber, German MEP and member of the ECON committee. One can see his point.
  9. Comedy line one came from Ron Paul.
  10. Comedy line two came from the Daily Mash.

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