My new favourite website January 17, 2013 at 4:34 pm

It was, but thanks to Lisa at FT Alphaville there is a new winner: the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group horror stories page. How can you resist a site with items like this:

MI5 wrongly collected subscriber data on 134 telephone numbers as a result of a software error, according to interception of communications commissioner Sir Paul Kennedy’s annual report.

A spreadsheet formatting error caused the service to apply for data on the identity of telephone numbers ending in 000, rather than the actual last three digits.

Sure they have JPM too, but c’mon secret agent spreadsheet errors are way sexier.

One Response to “My new favourite website”

  1. As a lifelong acct risk geek Im not remotely( but pleasantly) surprised these guys have found their momont to proudly out themselves.

    Time for Ft alpha geeks to add them to the blog roll. Made my day.