That baby July 23, 2013 at 8:47 am

Given that the news seems to be wall-to-wall royal baby, can I suggest that we call it ‘Rehypothecation’?

Update… talking of which, Bloomberg reports that One in three financial institutions would accept “low-quality, complex and opaque” collateral to back trades provided that it’s “cheap,” according to a survey from SIX group. Clearly they caught the other two thirds on a good day…

3 Responses to “That baby”

  1. If the child was delivered under a UK law CSA then the parents have the right to re-use the baby in the short term baby repo market, if not the baby will remain within their custody for the foreseeable future.

  2. …better not – all “that” attention drawn to one of the most dirty secrets of shadow and not so shadowry banking….. the is not enough “good” collateral in the first place, lest someone would take notice….

  3. OK, OK, you’ve convinced me, El bufon. We’ll just call it HQA and leave the rest to the imagination. (No ‘L’, obviously – the kid won’t be old enough to drink for some years.)