The great London cronut crawl February 22, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Ever since the cronut was popularised by a Manhatten bakery, it was clear that London needed its own croissant-donut hybrid, and several bakeries stepped up to fill the breach. Which, though, is best? I have no idea, but it does occur to me that with contestants from Nunhead to Paddington and from the Northern borders of Islington to Brockley, a London cronut crawl is going to be strenuous. Worst, the Nunhead entrant apparently sells out early so if you aren’t on the road by 6am, you lose.

Frozen rain

There is a reasonable walk either Paddington to Whitechapel or the reverse, but what if the best croissant-donut is made on the periphery? At least cycling to Nunhead might consume a pastry’s worth of calories…

2 Responses to “The great London cronut crawl”

  1. having tried cronuts and duffins, I’d rather keep out of that market, it’s a bubble waiting to burst, IMO. 😉

  2. Ha, you have better market information than me, Bill. I have (sadly still) not tried either.