Advertising their concentration March 3, 2014 at 11:59 am

I’m feeling under the weather, and hence watching more TV than usual. There’s a new TSB ad that strikes me as odd. The punchline is “Every penny our customers deposit with us stays right here in Britain, supporting mortgages and loans for other TSB customers.” So what they are telling us is that their loan book is completely concentrated in one country and thus not nearly as well diversified as it could be. It’s the first `please consider giving us a pillar 2 add-on for concentration risk in the loan book’ advertisement I’ve seen on national TV*. That said, it isn’t as bad as the paypal ad. I really hope I feel well enough to read instead of watch TV tomorrow…

*OK, TSB is part of Lloyds, and Lloyds is better diversified – or at least they don’t advertise that they are not – so it is probably fine, but still, this kind of flag-waving is kinda odd.

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